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3 couples of tango dancers under the choreographic
direction of Cecilia Saïa & Ronen Khayat

Under the choreographic direction of Cecilia Saïa and Ronen Khayat, the dancers of TANGO FIRST CENTURY reveal superb choreography and take you into the fascinating universe of one of the most beautiful dances of the twentieth century. Their unique backgrounds combined with their dancing techniques illustrate the attractive and powerful characteristics of the tango dance and present an inspirational perspective to the turn of the century genre.



CECILIA SAÏA, tango dancer and choreographer
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, began studying art and dance at the age of eight, and was a graduate of the Municipal School of Modern Dance General San Martin. Later, she graduated as a classical dance teacher from the Escuela Nacional de Danzas (Argentina). She has performed in America as well as abroad, including Europe. In 2009, she was a guest dancer in the Tribute to Juan Carlos Copes during the Mundial de Tango. Her work with masters of the tango and dance such as Juan Carlos Copes & Maria Nieves, Julian Plaza, Atilio Stampone, El Sexteto Mayor and Julio Bocca won her the recognition of tango industry experts. Cecilia has participated in internationally acclaimed tango productions - including Forever Tango (Tony nomination) and Tango Pasión. Since 2001, she has been a highly valued partner to the Romulo Larrea Tango Ensemble and participated in the following productions: TANGOS para La Milonga, Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango and TANGO for lovers only. She participated as an actress and dancer in the play Tango Fever presented in New York in 2012.

RONEN KHAYAT, tango dancer
Born in Israel, Ronen Khayat moved to San Francisco in the late eighties to continue dance training with the San Francisco Academy of Ballet. At the same time, his passion for tango unfolded as he studied with today’s greatest tango masters, including Carlos Gavito, Fabian Salas, Ricardo Calvo, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida. Through the years, he performed in the United States with the Metamorph Dance Company, the San Francisco LAB Project and the Santa Rosa Ballet Company. He also participated in Carnegie Hall’s Tango Nuevo and Dream of Tango at the Byham Theatre in New York. Ronen combines his dazzling stage performances with a successful teaching career.

ANGEL GARCIA, tango dancer
He is the director of Tango y Mas Dance Company and originator of Dance Fury, and Roxana's Tango (nominated for best Musical and best Director in 2007 by the ACE awards). An accomplished dancer and choreographer, Angel has worked throughout the United States, South America and Europe. He has choreographed, directed, and/or danced in numerous productions, including the musical Camilla and Latin Rhythms with Chita Rivera for Broadway cares. In NYC he has performed at The Town Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden. Film and TV work includes, We are NY, My life dancing, Falling in Rhythm and The Disney film Enchanted to name a few. Angel has collaborated with the Romulo Larrea Ensemble for several years and has toured with the cast in prestigious venues throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

CARLOS CAÑEDO, tango dancer and choreographer
Began performing professionally at age 15 and has performed throughout Argentina, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States, both as a dancer and as a musician. As a member of Tango a Media Luz, Carlos was dance captain and assistant for El Pampa Cortés. Carlos performed in the cast of Swango and Latin Dance Carnival, including at the New York Lincoln Center. He has been seen on NBC's The Today Show and Univision's Despierta America, and worked with movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. With his company, he has also choreographed cast members of the hit Broadway show Forever Tango and has taught for the Joffrey Ballet. Carlos performed in Romulo Larrea's productionsTangos para La Milonga, Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO For lovers only cultivating a professional and artistic relationship that has taken them throughout the United States, Canada, and more recently to Europe.

LEAH BARSKY, tango dancer
Born in Germany and moved to the United States at a young age. She has been dancing since the age of five and is trained in ballet, modern and jazz. She attended California Institute of the Arts, American Dance Festival, The Julliard School Summer Intensive and New York State Summer School of the Arts on full scholarship. Leah began studying tango over 10 years ago. Since moving to NYC, she has performed extensively nationally and abroad with The Nai Ni Chen Dance Company, New Generation Dance Company, Westminster Ballet Theatre, Marta Renzi and Dancers, Tango y Más, Armitage Gone! and The Metropolitan Opera. Most recently she performed as a principal dancer with The Chicago Lyric Opera in the production of Showboat. Leah has danced with The Romulo Larrea Ensemble for nearly 6 years in four different productions: Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO for lovers only. She has had the pleasure of performing with the Ensemble in prestigious venues throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. She was a finalist in the 2014 edition of the Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires Leah is also a certified Pilates instructor.

MARIANA PARMA, tango dancer
She is a dancer and choreographer widely known and admired for her masterful expertise in Argentine Tango and Salsa. She is an internationally acclaimed performer, featured on stage, TV and film. Her musical theater credits include Evita, Swing, the musical, Swango (co-producer), Tango Por Ellos, Tango Casenave, Roxanna's Tango, Glamour Tango, Tango Connection: Love Stories and numerous Tango productions throughout her career. Mariana performed on the past four productions led by Maestro Romulo Larrea: Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO for lovers only. She recently choreographed a major Parle commercial in Mumbai, India, starring Bollywood star Roshan Hrithik. She has coached Chita Rivera and Tommy Tune in Tango, and served as a dance critic for the Daily News, on the Dancing with the Stars dance column. She had the lead role in the play Tango Fever presented in New York in 2012 and for which she received the 2013 Hola Award for Outstanding Achievement for Choreography.

HERNÁN BRIZUELA, tango dancer
Tango teacher and dancer from Mendoza, Argentina, he is known in NYC for his tanguero style. At the age of seven he began an intensive study of Argentinean folklore dance with Monica Maturano and at 10 he received his first tango lesson from his mother, beginning a life long love for the dance and sharing it with others. In NYC, Hernán's first and most influential teacher was Cesar Coelho of Forever Tango. Hernán has taught and performed at various festivals, milongas and studios in New York and Massachusetts and most recently in Australia and New Zealand. He was a principal dancer in the off-Broadway dance play Let's Speak Tango and choreographed and starred in the short film Gardenias. He performed in the past four productions led by Maestro Romulo Larrea, Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO for lovers only across the United-States, Canada and Europe. Currently, Hernán travels between New York, Boston, Buenos Aires, and Europe to teach and perform Tango.

MARIANA GALASSI, tango dancer
Mariana Galassi was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started dancing Tango over a decade ago and trained intensively in Buenos Aires with Chicho Frumboli and Lucia Mazer, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa and Gustavo Naveira. Her background also includes modern dance, ballet and contact improvisation. In 2000, she moved to New York City. She travelled throughout the United States performing at different venues and giving workshops. She has also participated as a dancer and teacher in several Tango festivals including the prestigious International Congress of Argentine Tango (CITA, Buenos Aires 2004) where she was one of the main masters. Her personal interpretation of the dance makes her one of the most distinctive and exciting dancers of the new generation. Mariana performed on the past three productions led by Maestro Romulo Larrea: Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango and TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla.



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Photos: Denis Beaumont, Marcel Dubois, André, Bergeron, Frank Rosenstein, Thomas Wilden, archives Ensemble Romulo Larrea.





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