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E-mail : info@tangofirstcentury.com


is represented in the USA by:


A R T S   N E T W O R K, I N C.
Rachel Cohen, Cadence Arts Network, Inc.
10516 Clarkson Road, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone : 1 (310) 838-0849


Other territories :

Productions Romartis inc.
P.O. Box 36016
Greenfield Park (Quebec)
J4V 3N7 Canada


Romartis specializes in one of the richest international artistic traditions, the tango – the company’s first love and raison d’être. In a vast local and international market, the company has built a reputation for its in-depth knowledge of the tango art and for its innovative artistic approaches. On stage and on records, Romartis chooses with great care its artists, technical crew and venues. The company’s trademark is the skillful support provided to its collaborators as well as the quality of its productions.


Un siglo de tango Collection

Romartis has been producing for over ten years the Un siglo de tango Collection distributed on the national and international market. Artists from Quebec and abroad interpreting and creating tango with an authentic vision and a contemporary approach represent the spirit of the Collection.

The concept recordings are based on distinguished choices and the catalogue is elaborated with a perspective that pays tribute to the authors and composers, as well as to the different periods and trends that have turned this genre into a celebrated tradition.









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