Tango First Century
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The show
Français Español
A production by ROMARTIS  
14 artists on stage

Romulo Larrea Tango Ensemble
Under the musical and artistic direction of maestro Romulo Larrea

Verónica Larc, vocals

3 couples of tango dancers
Under the choreographic direction of
Cecilia Saïa & Ronen Khayat

Pierre Lavoie, Lighting design


As a tribute to this rich and international musical tradition, TANGO FIRST CENTURY presents with music, dance and songs, the wonderful history, evolution and destiny of tango.

TANGO FIRST CENTURY is Paris and les années folles, the unforgettable Carlos Gardel, the golden years and the contemporary tango of Astor Piazzolla. Tango shows its true colors in TANGO FIRST CENTURY...

Paris and les années folles: Tango was quickly adopted by patrons of exclusive Parisian lounges because of its exotic nature and the sensuality it evoked. Soon after, tango-champagne, tango-dresses and tango-colour appeared. Tango-fashion had taken over Paris!

Carlos Gardel: With his beautiful voice he introduced tango songs to the public in 1917. Until his tragic death in 1935, he epitomized tango. This music became Argentineans' own blues.

The golden years: At the end of the 1930's, several tango orchestras were performing in Buenos Aires and the entire Buenos Aires nightlife were beating to the rhythm of tango. A rich tradition was taking root in the Argentinean culture and was also spreading to the rest of the world.

Astor Piazzolla: this internationally acclaimed musical composer gave new colours to the bandoneon, the soul of tango. His work will always be remembered as an exceptional period in the history of music: an inheritance, an undeniable touch that will forever cross the frontiers of the world.

This and much more with TANGO FIRST CENTURY!





Photos: Denis Beaumont, Marcel Dubois, André, Bergeron, Thomas Wilden, Sjaak Peters, archives Productions Romartis inc.






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